“Who you hire Matters!”

The Essential Difference: Who We Hire

            At Essential Auto Photography, we firmly believe that who you hire makes all the difference in the world. In order to offer a great product and the best service on the market, you need the best people. That is why we take the time to seek out and hire the best possible staff and are able to pride ourselves on having the best photographers in the industry. From our diligent recruitment process to our vigorous training protocol, it is our willingness to go the extra mile once more than truly sets our team apart from the rest.

We begin the entire process by carefully going through all applicants and making sure they meet our standards of quality as their experience and backgrounds will be carefully checked.   Anyone who moves on to the next step is intimately interviewed to make sure that the fit on the Essential Auto team and that their character and work ethic match our company’s core values.

                  Once hired, each new employee hits the ground running and starts our vigorous hands on photo-tech training. They learn the ins and outs of the company from our famous photo sequence to our trademarked Digital Detail and everything in between. Each employee also must complete our customer service certification to ensure that you are given industry-best service no matter what.

Unlike the other guys, we believe in investing in our team, so that we are able to have an experienced team of dedicated professionals who are well versed in all areas. Our competitors often hire inexperienced, part timers and it shows in their work. By not creating a great work environment as we have at Essential Auto, their staff has become a revolving door of amateurs.

By holding our employees to the same standard of excellence that we do with our photos and creating a work environment that supports their personal and professional growth, we have enabled ourselves to have the best team in the business.

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