Volkswagen Dealership Photography

Premium Photography And Videos To Showcase Your Volkswagen Inventory

The Volkswagen brand has a rich history embedded in American culture. The namesake brand of one of the world’s leading automotive groups holds a special place in many in many American’s hearts due to its association with some of the most important eras in our nation’s history. But VW has not been one of the world’s leading brands due to nostalgia alone. Beyond reinventing some of the most iconic and classic cars of all time, Volkswagen has been able to stay a household name in America due to its high technological standards, renowned German engineering, and outside the box style of thinking, which has enabled them to producce some of the most reliable and innovative new models on the market.

As a Volkswagen dealership, it is your duty to showcase both aspects of the brand, the classic models that car buyers know and love, and the meticulously engineered new models that are the cars of tomorrow. Whether you want to capture the heart and soul of the iconic Beetle or highlight the nuances of the sportier 2019 Jetta’s redesign, Essential Auto Photography has the tools and experience to showcase your entire inventory in the most attractive and effective way possible across the web.

“Each picture is worth 1,000 words, what do yours say?”

At Essential Auto Photography we understand the art and science behind automotive photography and the importance of online marketing in today’s digital climate. For this reason, our inventory photos, walk around videos, and additional services are engineered to engage car buyers with optimal reach so that your Volkswagen inventory is being represented at its full potential and being seen by the broadest audience possible.

“Volkswagen spends millions on new designs each year, make sure these features are being given the attention they deserve.”

We make sure that all necessary features are showcased in a way that captures the essence and personality of each vehicle, allowing online shoppers to make an emotional connection. For example, you want to promote your Volkswagen dealership’s new luxury model, the 2019 Arteons; our intuitive angle approach allows you to flaunt the elongated aerodynamic contours, rear design, and long wheel base that give it such a striking profile that exudes elegance. Our seamless sequence engages car buyers so that they see all of the vehicle’s exiting new features in crisp true color photography, such as the aluminum-alloy wheels, full LED headlights. Our photo enhancement process, the Digital Detail™, eliminates any imperfections that may occur and gives each photo optimal aesthetics allowing you to emphasize the impressive interior features such as digital cockpit, ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, massaging driver’s seat, and Dynaudio® premium audio.

“Your VW dealership’s success is our success, that is why we work tirelessly to provide you with ALL the services you need to make the most of your online marketing”

Our additional services such as walk around videos, window stickers, professional descriptions, inventory management, and custom graphic design are all available to our dealerships to truly optimize both your online marketing and your overall presence.

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