“Experience the Difference”

The Essential Difference

            Over the last decade Essential Auto Photography has come from humble beginnings to become the industry leading automotive photography and video company in both quality and service. While the competition all seems to blend into an endless sea of mediocrity, Essential Auto Photography has continued to separate itself from everyone else, but what is it exactly that sets us apart from the rest? What is it at the core of our company that is within each one of our employees and enables us to consistently deliver excellence across the board? This is what we like the call “The Essential Difference”

                  The Essential Difference is our attention to detail. The fact that we take the time to carefully engineer a photo sequence that is designed to attract car buyers and keep them engaged throughout and the fact that each of our employees know and understand this sequence exactly how it is meant to be shot. And how we carefully process each and every photo with our state-of-the-art Digital Detail photo enhancement process.


“The Essential Differences that are Proven to Transform your Dealerships Online Analytics


The Essential Difference is our passion. We love what we do, and it is evident in our work. Our photographers eat, sleep, and breath cars, and getting to show your inventory is what we love to do. Our passion is what enables us to show up every day and work with sincere enthusiasm and deliver excellence day after day.

The Essential Difference is our dedication to excellence and to our partner dealerships. Where other company’s find excuses, we find solutions. We understand each dealership is different and we work with our partners to optimize their online inventory based on their specific needs. We do not take shortcuts and we settle for nothing less than the best, that is the promise to ourselves and all of our dealerships. It is our goal to continue to improve and push the boundaries of what quality and service are in this industry.

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