Mercedes Dealership Photography

In Order to Showcase the Best, You Need to Hire the Best: Optimize Your Mercedes Inventory with Photos and Videos from Essential Auto Photography

The name Mercedes brings many things to mind; class, luxury, and impeccable engineering. In order to protect this reputation, it is vital that every Mercedes dealer hold themselves to a higher standard than other makes. From the showroom to each vehicle on their lot, perfection is expected. In today’s digital age, the website must be just as immaculate as the dealership itself.

A Better Service for a Changing Consumer

Over the last decade, car buyers have become much savvier and more competent when it comes to online browsing. They are conducting vast in-depth research across many websites making the importance of a quality and strong online presence more important than ever. Because of this, your Mercedes dealership CANNOT afford to post subpar photos of your luxury inventory as they not only diminish the chances of selling that car (or at the very least greatly delay the sale), but also hurt the overall image of your dealership, which is immensely important in the luxury industry. Our photos are guaranteed to optimize your vehicle’s features and attract and engage car buyers, drawing them to your Mercedes dealership and helping to streamline your sales process.

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Showcase the Sleek Engineering of your Mercedes Inventory

In the digital age and with a luxury brand such as Mercedes, photo may no longer be enough to get car buyers to your dealership. That is why Essential Auto Photography now offers engaging walk around videos so that the car buyer can be taken on a journey through the sleek engineering Mercedes is known for. Our videos are loaded within minutes (compared to hours or days from our competitors) and engineered to vastly improve your Google ranking so that you are reaching the optimal amount of car buyers.

With Mercedes spending millions each year on design and engineering of vehicles like the CLS, GLA or the E-class, it would be an absolute waste to use anything less than premium photography.

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