Photo Quality Matters

The Essential Difference: Industry-Best Photos

As the world has transitioned into the digital age, nearly EVERY sale begins online, regardless of industry. In the automotive sales, consumers are even more particular and meticulous about online research before even considering a purchase. Because of this, your inventory photos are more crucial than ever.   While many photography companies and dealerships are content with the bare minimum, at Essential Auto Photography we settle for nothing less than excellence and post only the highest quality of photos that are certain to attract and engage car buyers. So, what is it exactly that sets our photos apart from the rest?

If First Impressions are Everything, What One are your Photos Making?

One difference is our emphasis on your initial and most important photo. The average online shopper’s attention span is shorter than ever, this means if you aren’t showing them something they like within seconds, the sale is already lost. If you aren’t getting that first crucial click, the rest of your photos are meaningless. It is because of this that we use are intuitive angle approach for our initial photos, giving your vehicles the bold presence that is normally only found in person.

Photos that Attract Car Buyers and a Meticulously Designed Sequence to Keep Them Engaged

The difference doesn’t stop with our first photo.   We have spent years engineering a photo sequence that is proven to engage car buyers, giving them a seamless tour of the vehicle while showcasing all necessary and important features. Each photo serves a specific purpose, so you aren’t being charged for redundant or unnecessary photos that lose car buyers’ attention.

Essential Auto’s Digital Detail Guarantees Photo Quality Across All Platforms

To truly set our photos apart, we optimize each and every photo with our trademarked Digital Detail photo enhancement process. This gives every photo a clean crisp finish that is engineered to maintain its premium quality through 3rd party feeds. That means you no longer have to worry about your photos losing quality on sites like AutoTrader or

Of course, none of this would be possible without our employees. Each one of our photographers share an immense passion for what they do and go through the rigorous training so that our photos maintain quality and consistency across the board.

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