Ford Dealership Photography

Make Your Ford Dealership Shine with Professional Photography

Worldwide, the Ford name carries a lot of weight, especially here in the United States. It has a rich history of being THE American car company and the brand is synonymous with the work ethic of this great nation. While the American auto industry has experienced many hardships over the last few decades, its resolve has never faltered. In the dog fight that is the modern auto industry, America’s car company needs every possible advantage to stay relevant. At Essential Auto Photography we do our part by optimizing each and every photo that we shoot for Ford dealerships across the United States of America.

“We are proud to partner with some of the most highly acclaimed and reputable Ford dealerships and would love to add more to our growing list.”

                  The Ford brand is no stranger to the devastating effects caused by becoming complacent. Relying on your history and the good will of the American consumer is no longer enough, staying on top the current technologies and trends is an absolute must for car makers and car dealerships alike. For car dealerships, their battle now begins online. The entire buyer experience and sales process has transformed greatly from the days of traditional advertising and mom and pop dealerships to a mostly digital campaign to attract customers. While the mediums may have changed the basic ideology remains the same, showcase your inventory in the best way possible to attract customers and let your sales team do the rest. Quality inventory photos have become absolutely necessary to all dealerships who want to make any impact online. We have spent years perfecting the art of making inventories look as enticing as possible and would love to help your Ford dealership attract customers you’ve been missing due to subpar photos.


“Post better pictures, sell more cars. Simple as that”

                  Our photos have consistently been at the front of the pack in both quality and value. It all begins with our highly trained photographers showing up to your dealership ready to shoot so not a second of daylight is wasted. We only use the best quality cameras and proven techniques to ensure quality. After being shot, your photos are then sent to our photo enhancement team for touch ups to clear up any imperfections that may occur. Our trademarked Digital Detail system has proven to optimize photo attractiveness and to maintain quality across third party sites. Once your photos are posted they will start enticing car buyers across the internet drawing them in to your dealership.

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