Dealership Photography St. Charles Illinois

Professional Automotive Photography to Help Your Dealership Stand Out in St. Charles’ Crowded Market

St. Charles has long been a cultural hotspot in Chicago’s western suburbs. Known as the “Pride of the Fox”, it is known as a top destination for many different markets in the Western suburbs’, one of these being automotive sales. With buyers coming from all over the surrounding areas, making the initial draw to customers is an absolute must in order to stay ahead of your competitors. At Essential Auto Photography, we specialize in helping you stick out amongst the competition online by getting you that first “click” and engaging your customers.

“Your new Frontline is Online

                  Having the highest quality presentation of your inventory online is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity to any successful dealership. Long gone are the days of relying on traditional advertising to bring customers through your door.   The customer buying experience now almost ALWAYS begins online. Buyers are bombarded with images of hundreds of cars from one simple Google search. If one picture looks better than another, it will get the click, simple as that. Our photos not only attract but engage as well. Once you get that first click, our seamless sequence will take your buyers on an intimate journey with the car. By the time they make it to the dealership they will know exactly what they’re looking for and not be surprised or disappointed. By starting the buyer experience with your best foot forward, you make the entire process much easier and quicker leading to better sales and happier customers.

Why sacrifice quality or service for price when you don’t have to?

We understand completely that our responsibilities to our dealerships don’t stop with quality photos. We offer industry best service as well. Our dedicated and professional service is the direct result of our employee expectations and requirements. We employ only the most professional photographers who utilize the most modern technologies and techniques. We also hire dedicated and friendly professionals so that the job is done EXACTLY how you’d like it. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and we never stop striving for this. Our knowledgeable customer support team is available 24/7 waiting to help in any way possible.

At the end of the day, we understand that your bottom line is priority number one. We have worked with some of Illinois’s largest and most accredited dealerships and they have all seen tremendous increases in their online presence and sales. Our pictures help buyers to make a decision to buy with confidence, greatly reducing the time of the sales process. We have shown great ROI to our clients by attracting new clients and streamlining the sales process.


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