Dealership Photography Scottsdale Arizona

Boost your Scottsdale’s dealership’s sales with professional automotive marketers”

Scottsdale has emerged as one of Arizona’s leading car dealership locations and shows no signs of slowing down. Its strong economy and convenient location for surrounding areas has made it a highly desired area for both car dealers and car buyers alike. While an influx of buyers is never opposed by car dealers, it does drive competition between dealerships to a fierce level, causing dealers to look to any possible way to get the upper hand. At Essential Auto Photography, we specialize in getting you the upper hand and thrive amidst fierce competition.

                  Car dealerships look for any possible way to get customers through their door utilizing every type of advertising or promotion imaginable, traditional or modern. Often times the simplest answer is the best, and dealerships are no exception to this rule. While searching for complicated solutions to increase traffic, they overlook the quality of their own online inventory. In the digital age, almost EVERY PURCHASE begins with an internet search. If your dealership is posting sub-par or inconsistent photos, you are discouraging nearly all potential buyers before they even visit a dealership, essentially handing them to your competitors who are utilizing quality photos to showcase their inventory.

“The efficiency and professionalism you need to streamline your online photography process”

                  We have gotten the art of automotive photography down to a science, enabling us to photograph your entire inventory in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. Our photographers work swiftly and deliberately to get you the photos you need online as quickly as possible. Our patented photo enhancement process, the Digital Detail, optimizes every photo making each shot attention grabbing and engaging, getting you the “clicks” you need to get people on your lot.

                  We maintain an unmatched customer satisfaction record with a number of high volume, top tier dealerships. Every dealership we have partnered with has experienced not only a significant rise in quality and timeliness of their online inventory, but an increase in sales and reduction in time to sale of cars we shoot as well.

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