Dealership Photography Schaumburg Illinois

Professional Photography to help you Stand Out on Schaumburg’s Acclaimed Dealer Row

Schaumburg has long been synonymous with fast paced, booming business. It is home to one of the largest retail shopping areas in all of the United States. It also is home to some of the Chicago land’s biggest and best car dealerships. Schaumburg’s dealer row offers car buyers just as much variety as Woodfield Mall does to retail shoppers. Because of the intense competition, large number of dealerships, and general rapid pace of Schaumburg, many dealerships find it difficult to stand out among the pack. While some rely on Schaumburg’s convenient location and adequate marketing to keep business steady, others are reaching out and grabbing the attention of potential buyers from the comfort of their homes, boosting traffic and sales with one simple change to their online inventory. By using top of the line photos to showcase your online inventory, you can attract the necessary online traffic to get buyer to your dealership. Your frontline has transitioned to be online. At Essential Auto Photography, we are the industry leaders in both photo quality and professional service.

“The superior photo always gets the first click

When it comes to car dealerships’ online presence, we have found a few simple truths that are vital to their reach and effectiveness. The first of these truths is that the higher quality photo will always get the click over the average or stock photo. Another of these truths is the diminishing attention span of online shoppers. Due to the sheer volume of options online, buyers that aren’t engaged immediately will be on to the next thing within seconds. Because of these factors, we have perfected the art and science of staging and taking attractive photos in a seamless sequence that will engage buyers and help them to intimately explore each vehicle they are interested in. Our photos will get buyers on your page, and then keep them there.

In order to ensure the highest possible quality, our research team stays up to date with the most modern trends on the market. We hire only highly trained professional photographers and utilize the best equipment and techniques available. To take it a step further we enhance each and every shot with our highly acclaimed Digital Detail system to give you the best possible photo.

“Don’t let your inventory collect dust waiting for pictures to be loaded”

The only thing worse than having subpar photos, is not having any at all. We find it stunning that in today’s digital age, how many dealers list cars with a generic stock photo or without any photo at all! Every time a car isn’t being showcased with the highest quality photo possible or at all, it is a gift to any other dealership who has values the importance of their online inventory. Our dedicated team has the know how and experience to get you the best possible representation of your inventory in an efficient and timely manner so that we can expedite the entire sales process.

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