Dealership Photography Orland Park Illinois

“Give yourself the edge over your competition in Orland Park’s most cutthroat market with premium photos”


Orland Park has cemented itself as one of the top destinations for car buyers in all of the Chicago land area. There are over 15 active dealerships on 159th street alone and 22 in between I-94 and 355 making it one of the most highly concentrated areas of dealerships in Illinois. This abundance of dealerships offers car buyers an almost overwhelming number of options leaving dealers to wonder, “how can we stick out?”. If you aren’t starting the sales process online or using the highest quality photos to showcase your inventory, you are fighting a losing battle. With nearly All of car buying beginning online, the best possible photos have become the difference maker in getting potential buyers through your door. At Essential Auto Photography we specialize in the highest quality photos in all of the industry guaranteed to improve your online image and boost your online presence.

“We have enhanced some of the area’s top dealerships online presence and are ready to do the same for you”


                  We have spent countless hours researching what attracts and engages customers while browsing inventories online. During our research we encountered many dealerships using poor quality and inconsistent photos, which would immediately eliminate them from many buyer’s minds before stepping foot in the dealership. Through the process of viewing the good and the bad, we have perfected a photo sequence with specific shots designed to optimize your vehicle’s aesthetics in an attractive and efficient manner.

                  In such a competitive industry, there is no room for sub-par service, excuses or wasted time. We pride ourselves on being efficient, professional, and accountable. We are able to boast these qualities and offer such great services because we only hire the highest quality employees. Each photographer is professionally trained and understands the importance of attention to detail and punctuality. Once the necessary cars are shot, our photographers enhance them using our patented Digital Detail and uploaded immediately giving you the advantage over your competitors, so you can move cars off your lot faster than ever. We will work tirelessly with you to optimize your online presence.

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