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Oak Lawn’s accessibility to major expressways and the dense populations of its surrounding areas and Oak Lawn itself, makes it a car dealership’s dream location. 95th street specifically, one of Oak Lawn’s busiest streets, is home to some of Chicago land’s top car dealerships. In such a competitive location, staying ahead of the curve is hugely important to the success of your business. In order to do so, you must put your best foot forward and that process starts with your online inventory. We are Essential Auto Photography and we help dealerships optimize the attractiveness and perceived value of their inventory by offering the market’s best possible photos.

“Why sacrifice quality or service for affordable pricing when you don’t have to?”

Our photos are the highest quality, shot by the most professional photographers across the entire industry. Ours photos are clean, crisp, and consistent. Our photos have proven time and time again to increase the number of clicks your photos get and engage the customer. Ultimately, we get people to your dealership, informed and ready to buy.

In a market as competitive as Oak Lawn’s, average service, excuses or wasted time just won’t cut it. We pride ourselves on being the most professional and efficient in the entire industry. This all begins with employees. We hire only dedicated employees with core values that match our own. Each photographer is professionally trained and understands the importance of attention to detail and punctuality. We work tirelessly and diligently to make sure your photos are done correctly and timely. We view your success as our own. Because of this, we do not stop at exquisite photos. We offer a variety of services including; descriptions to answer any further questions our photos might not answer, window stickers for all used vehicles, and one of the most renowned inventory management systems to help optimize your dealership analytics.

“By controlling the environment, you get the perfect shot every time”

Another reason dealers prefer us over the competition, is our state-of-the-art studio. To eliminate all inconsistencies and external factors that may impede on photo quality, we prefer to utilize an indoor studio. They create the perfect shot every time no matter what the weather or visibility is outside. Once we’re done, it retracts and takes up zero floor space! We offer these for FREE to new dealerships in Oak Lawn.

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