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Showcase Your Nissan’s Sleek New Design With Professional Photography And Engaging Video

For over a century, the Nissan Motor Company has consistently produced high quality vehicles with widespread appeal, making it one of the world’s largest and most popular car manufacturers. Its iconic models such as the Altima, Maxima, Pathfinder, and Sentra have continuously found great success among modern professionals, so much so that the Altima and Sentra were ranked the number 5 and 6 best selling cars in the United States in 2017. Nissan is also THE world leader in electric vehicles with the Nissan Leaf being the all-time top seller for highway capable electric vehicles. The continued success of Nissan is due in large part to the company’s familiarity of their customer’s wants and needs, and its ability to cater to them time and time again.

As a Nissan dealer, it is your job to make sure that car buyers (returning and brand new) are aware of Nissan’s sleek designs, dynamic presence, and great value. Aside from actually driving a Nissan, professional photography and video are the most efficient and effective way to do so. At Essential Auto Photography, we understand the vast amount of time and energy that go into Nissan’s design year after year, for that reason we put the same amount of care into showcasing your vehicles across the web.

“Intuitive angle approach for optimal front-end appeal and to showcase your Nissan’s aerodynamic contours and all necessary features.”

Let’s say you wanted to promote your dealership’s brand-new Nissan Altima and its carefully crafted design. Our photos can help you to engage car buyers by accentuating the features that matter as they flow through a seamless sequence. Firstly, you will want to showcase the Altima’s bolder new grill in contrast with its slimmer, sleeker headlights. Our intuitive angle approach gives you the front-end appeal you will need to do just that while eliminating background distractions. Our renowned photo sequence will then take car buyers on an engaging journey throughout the vehicle, highlighting all of the vehicle’s relevant features and attributes.

“We put the same amount of care and detail into our work as Nissan puts into their redesigned, re-energized models”

Research shows that using realistic, non-generic photos can greatly increase the likelihood of an online shopper actually visiting your dealership. Our photos’ authentic yet flawless appeal can give you the edge over stock photos and increase both online and in person traffic. Our trademarked photo optimization process, the Digital Detail™, gives each and every photo crisp, clean, true color photography that increases trust and engagement with car buyers.

If you want to take engagement even further, we offer walk around videos engineered for ease of use and optimal reach. Our videos feature customized voiceovers and intros/outros specific to your vehicles and dealership, setting them apart from the sea of generic videos and promoting your dealership in the process. Our unmatched feed time (10 minutes) allows you to showcase your vehicles almost instantly. Our videos also allow online shoppers to view the videos directly on your VDP, so not to disrupt the car buyer’s browsing, making the viewing experience simpler and more enjoyable.

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