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Essential Auto Photography: The Premier Dealer Solutions Company for your Niles Dealership

Niles is home to some of Chicago land’s largest and best car dealerships. Its proximity to Chicago and other prominent suburbs, accessibility to major expressways and high traffic areas make it ideal for any dealership. While dealerships may have been able to count on these attributes to attract customers in the past, the current markets require extensive resources to promote a dealership’s inventory online. At Essential Auto Photography we specialize in offering dealerships a number of services engineered to optimize your website and boost sales.

Simple Yet Effective Solutions For Your Nile’s Dealership

It is human nature to over complicate things. At Essential Auto Photography, we believe that the simplest solution is often the best one, as long as it is executed properly. Car dealerships have long sought out the most effective way to attract people to their store, trying every method imaginable. In today’s digital age, where everything seems more complicated than ever, posting the highest quality photos the internet has to offer has proven to draw car buyers to your website and dealership, simple as that. Research has shown that better quality photos attract more car buyers and increase engagement.


“Industry Best Photos at Competitive Prices

Our photos have the reputation of being the cleanest, most attractive, and most consistent in the entire industry, and our portfolio is proof of this. Each of our employees are required to complete our vigorous training regiment, resulting in professional and efficient photographers. They are equipped with the most effective cameras and utilize modern techniques to obtain optimal angled shots and a seamless sequence.   Once the photos are taken, they are sent to our graphic design team to give each shot a final polish with our patented Digital Detail and eliminate any imperfections.


“It’s Not a Matter of “If”, But When You Start Using Videos

If you feel that your customers are looking for even more when researching, we also specialize in premium walk around videos! Videos haven proven to engage car buyers, help to optimize search engine results, and greatly increase a shopper’s chance of buying a specific vehicle after viewing its corresponding video. Our videos contain branded intros and outros specific to you to help promote your dealership and help your videos stand out from the sea of generic videos posted online. Tired of waiting for your videos to get loaded? Our feed time is only 10-20 minutes compared to our competitors that may take hours or even days. This enables you to promote your inventory almost instantly! Let us help bring your Nile’s dealership into the digital age.


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