Dealership Photography Merriville Indiana

Stand Out on Indiana’s Top Dealer Row by Optimizing Your Online Inventory with Essential Auto Photography

                  Merriville has long been a top destination for citizens of Indiana. Being the state’s largest town gives it a strong base population, while still maintaining a heartland fee. Its infrastructure and great surrounding area are why it makes sense to be the location for Indiana’s number one dealer row. Its dealer row gives car buyers a vast array of different models and makes of cars while the Town Merriville make commuters feel comfortable and at ease when buying in great contrast to the fast pace of big city dealerships.

Are your inventory photos worth the trip?

But car buyers won’t simply wander all the way from Chicago to Merriville with no direction, they must first have an idea of what they are looking for and the best way to do this is online. But in today’s digital environment, there are so many choices for car buyers to look at making it hard to stand out. That means that if the first picture potential buyers see doesn’t immediately grab their attention and engage them, they’ve already moved on to the next dealership.

A carefully crafted process, proven to attract and engage

We have spent years perfecting the optimal photos to attract buyers and get you that crucial first click and developed a seamless photo sequence that engages buyers giving them an intimate look at your inventory. We start with professional photographers utilizing the most modern equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality. To go even further, our graphic design team enhances each and every photo with our patented Digital Detail process for a final polish that will leave you with crisp, clean photos that are impossible to ignore.

Walk around videos give the car buyer the feeling of being in the car, from the comfort of their own home

If you want to truly engage car buyers and give them a reason to make the trip to your dealership, our walk around videos will give them an authentic tour of every vehicle inside and out, like they are already there! In addition, it optimizes your dealerships search engine results and automatically bumps your Google rating.

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