Dealership Photography Downers Grove Illinois

Essential Auto Photography: Downers Grove Premiere Automotive Photography Company

Downers Grove finds itself in the center of some of the Chicago suburbs most renowned automotive sales cities. Within Downers Grove, Ogden Avenue is well known as one of the most competitive dealership rows in all of Illinois. The volume and quality of dealerships in Downers Grove and its surrounding cities makes it a paradise for car buyers, and a dog fight for dealerships. Essential Auto Photography is here to give you an advantage in that fight.

Often times businesses tend to complicate things more than they need to, car dealerships included. At Essential Auto Photography, we believe that simple goals have simple solutions as long as they are done the right way. Car dealerships have always wondered how to attract people to their store and tried every method imaginable. We have found, and our clients will attest to this, that by simply posting the highest quality photos the internet has to offer, you will greatly increase your websites traffic and in turn increase your sales. It is simple as that, no complex algorithm or unorthodox methods needed.

“If your photos don’t attract or engage, they are irrelevant”

                  Every purchase of the American consumer begins online. More than ever, this research is done on mobile devices while the attention span of the buyer has never been shorter. That means that if the first picture potential buyers see doesn’t immediately grab their attention and engage them, they’ve already moved on to the next dealership. We have spent years perfecting the optimal photos to attract buyers and get you that crucial first click and developed a seamless photo sequence that engages buyers giving them an intimate look at your inventory. We start with professional photographers utilizing the most modern equipment and techniques to ensure the highest quality. To go even further, our graphic design team enhances each and every photo with our patented Digital Detail process for a final polish that will leave you with crisp, clean photos that are impossible to ignore.


“Our reputation and portfolio speak for themselves”

We have worked hand and hand with some of Chicago land’s most renowned and reputable dealerships and they all agree that our photo quality and service are second to none. Beyond professional photography we offer a variety of services to optimize every aspect of your online marketing including vehicle descriptions, and insightful and efficient inventory management systems to help track and analyze your inventory.

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