Chevrolet Dealership Photography

Optimize Your Chevrolet Dealership’s Online Inventory with Professional Photos and Videos

Chevrolet is one of America’s most renowned and trusted names within the automotive industry. People often associate the Chevrolet name with reliability, making it one of the world’s leading automotive brands and giving it a deeply loyal domestic consumer base in the United States. Part of the reason Chevrolet has stood the test of time has been its ability to adapt to change and stay relevant in changing markets.

In today’s digital age, online presence has become the starting point for nearly every purchase. Car buyers are conducting more in-depth research and becoming more engaged online than ever before. Because of this, it is imperative for your Chevrolet dealership to have the best possible representation of your inventory across the internet. At Essential Auto Photography, we are experts in giving you the competitive advantage by offering premium inventory photos and walk around videos that will attract and engage online shoppers, drawing car buyers to your Chevrolet dealership and selling more cars.

“Impeccable service, industry best photos, all at competitive prices”

We believe that in order to offer a quality service, it must begin with highest quality employees. Each photographer is professionally trained and understands the importance of attention to detail and punctuality. Each vehicle is shot in our intuitive photo sequence that transitions seamlessly, engaging car enthusiasts and novice car buyers alike. Once all the cars are shot, our photographers send them to our photo enhancement team who touches them up them using our patented Digital Detail and upload them immediately giving you the advantage over your competitors, so you can move cars off your lot faster than ever. Our photos have proven time and time again to increase online traffic and sales conversions.

“Take engagement even further with premium walk around videos”

Want to take online shopper engagement even further? Essential Auto Photography offers premium walkaround vehicle videos to fully engage car buyers and optimize your inventory’s search engine results. Each video has a branded intro and outro specific to your dealership. This helps to spread your brand and draw car buyers to your dealership not just a specific car.   Our videos list each specific vehicle’s actual equipment and features and use a real voiceover actor to stand out from generic stock videos. Unlike our competitors who take hours or even days to load their videos, ours are loaded to your website and YouTube in 10-20 minutes. Car buyers can view our videos directly on your website’s VDP so that they can continue to view your vehicles features and video simultaneously.

Make the most of your Chevrolet dealership with Essential Auto Photography’s service today!

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