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Lead the Bensenville Automotive Sales Market with Professional Photography

                  Is your Bensenville car dealership finding it more and more difficult to attract new and regular business?   Is your website being overlooked because of your outdated online strategy? Do your online photos get lost in the endless sea of images on the internet? At Essential Auto Photography we specialize in helping to optimize your online presence through the use of premium photos and strategic marketing analytics.

                  In our years of experience, we have found one constant truth in regard to online dealership photography, the superior photo always gets the click. It is this fact that we have based our entire business model on. We help to ensure you get that crucial first click, then we give you the resources to convert that click into a sale.

“The highest quality photos on the market accompanied by professional service

Our photos begin with our professionally trained photographers, who show up everyday informed on the task at hand and ready to work so that your inventory is shot promptly and efficiently. Our team uses the most modern cameras and effective shooting techniques. Once shot, the photos are then sent to our graphic design team, who inspects and then enhances each and every photo with our trademarked Digital Detail process. The end result is the most attractive and engaging photos on the internet. Do to the calculated and careful nature of our photo shooting and enhancing processes, our photos are consistent across the board.

“A variety of services all designed to increase your bottom line

For those who don’t believe that photos alone make that much of a difference, we offer a number of other professional services designed to help drive sales.

We offer best-in-class inventory management systems to all of our dealerships. We are a legally licensed provider of HomeNet Automotive Data Solutions. HomeNet helps dealers distribute their inventory from one unified platform, and seamlessly push this information to their own website and all of their third-party advertising sources.

Our vivid descriptions answer any questions that our photos do not. These descriptions give buyers the comfort and confidence they need to make a purchase. They can walk on to your lot informed and familiar with what they are looking for exactly. This helps to streamline the sales process, making it a more enjoyable experience overall and creating satisfied customers in the process.

We understand that online presence is only half the battle, your dealership must look professional as well. Because of this, we offer professional window stickers for all used vehicles. If this service is not done properly, or at all, it can damage your dealerships professional image.

All of these services combine to maximize your dealership’s reach online and enhance your overall reputation on all platforms. We have helped top dealerships all over the Chicago land area and are ready to help your Bensenville dealership today.

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