Dealership Online Presence

The Importance of Online Presence for Your Car Dealership

The digital age has gifted the American consumer with more choice and convenience than ever imagined. Shopping that once took hours or days, can now be done in mere seconds with the click of a button. In the “click and mortar” world we now live in, having a professional, attractive and user-friendly website has become an absolute must for any business striving to be an industry leader.

By 2019, it is estimated that there will be 224 million digital shoppers in the United States (eCommere)

For industries such as automotive sales, that require a long and relatively hands on sales process, advances in technology have revolutionized the very way car buyers go about where they shop. Instead of taking entire days at a time to view dealership after dealership’s inventory with fruitless results, the buyer has the power to view virtually any dealership in the world on their phone at any given time. Additionally, the amount of detailed information available online and new methods of showcasing vehicles (premium photos, videos, virtual tests drives) have completely transformed the automotive sales process.

78% of car buyers use a third-party (AutoTrader)

Despite the fact that the front line has transitioned to be online, some dealerships are still pouring money into traditional advertising methods while ignoring the blatant imperfections on their websites. A billboard can only be so effective if every car passenger is looking at their phone. This may be partially due to the fact that the actual purchasing of cars remains at dealerships, but the reality is that the real shopping is done online. Because of this, car dealers must do everything in their power to make their website attractive, professional, and user friendly so that it draws attention, and retains it.

63% of car shoppers examine merchandise online via mobile while physically shopping at an auto lot (

The most important factor of any dealership or its website is its inventory. There are literally millions of vehicles online, and with the competitiveness of the modern marketplace, pricing of the is nearly identical across the board. Because of this, you need an X factor to help your online inventory truly stick out and attract car buyers. Posting generic, stock, or subpar quality photos is ineffective and inefficient and will cause online shoppers to continue scrolling. The most cost-effective solution to this dilemma is to post premium quality photos. While it may seem like an obvious answer, many dealers are still reluctant to invest in their own online presence and accept adequate photos, causing their inventory to blend in with the sea of mediocrity online. High quality inventory photos have proven to both attract and engage car buyers, greatly increasing online traffic, and boost your dealership’s sales conversions.

Car buyers spend 59% of their time online researching (AutoTrader)

In the online age, getting comfortable is never a good thing. As soon as you “optimize” your online presence, the world is on to the next thing. When it comes to your online inventory, photos will not be enough for much longer. As it is human nature to desire more, even the highest quality photos will not satisfy car buyers in the near future. Because of this, walk around inventory videos have become the best way to strengthen your online presence as it not only engages the curious of car buyers, but it improves your SEO and boosts your google ranking as well.

30% of consumers immediately go to search engines when starting the car-buying process. (v12data)

With the seemingly infinite amount of options online and ever diminishing attention span of the modern car shopper, dealerships have ZERO room for imperfections or inferior content online, especially when it comes to showcasing your inventory. If your inventory photos/videos aren’t attracting car buyers right away, they will be disregarded immediately, causing you to miss out on countless sales and making the rest of your online marketing useless.

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