“Your Analytics Tell ALL “

Why the Essential Way?

While many car dealerships are content blending in when it comes to inventory photos and videos, Essential Auto Photography has continued to push the boundaries of inventory aesthetics. We have spent years carefully crafting our processes and practices so that they are specifically engineered to optimize your online inventory and enhance your online presence. So, what makes Essential Auto Photography different and where do most dealerships go wrong?

The first mistake many dealerships make is assuming stock photos according to Kelley Blue Book, 90% of car buyers would prefer to view actual photos of a new vehicle at a dealership rather than stock photos of the same vehicle. Because of this, real photos of the vehicle being sold should ALWAYS be used on a dealership’s VDP. This makes the vehicle’s initial photo by far the most important photo of the entire sequence.

Changing to our photos have increased a vehicle’s clicks per week from 39 to 86 clicks on average

                  One of the biggest differences setting our photos apart from the rest is our strong emphasis on and attention to detail with the initial photo. Our intuitive angle approach gives your vehicle a bold presence while obtaining the front-end appeal car buyers desire and eliminating background distractions. Our 3rd party feed optimization ensures that the quality of these photos is maintained while being loaded to all 3rd party sites. We understand that this is THE photo to attract car buyers and THE photo that car buyers will see next to your competitors on third party sites.

Our photos have helped to increase a vehicle’s impressions on a third-party site from 100 to over 250 in one week

While getting that first click and grabbing car buyers’ attention is crucial, keeping that attention and engaging them is a completely new task all together. Our engaging photo sequence is designed to do just that. It is laid out in a way that guides and intrigues car buyers, taking them on a seamless journey of the vehicle, hitting all necessary features in the process. By having the optimal number of photos and transitioning them smoothly, we are able to answer all questions car buyers may have without losing their focus.         

Our photos have increased online car buyer’s average seconds spent on a page from 13 to 41 seconds and increased the average visit duration on your site from 1.2 minutes to 5.7 minutes

As consumer wants and needs continue to change, so do our methods. We have recognized that it has become harder to engage car buyers, that is why over the last year we have began to offer premium inventory videos. Our walk around videos help to increase trust with online car buyers and increase online engagement. We also realize inventory video’s potential for SEO and the ability to increase a dealership’s Google ranking. Because of this we automatically load these videos to YouTube and all 3rd party sites in addition to your VDP.

Our inventory videos have been proven to greatly improve SEO and Google ranking almost instantly

Our results speak for themselves and our methods have helped to transform hundreds of dealerships digital marketing campaigns. Let us show you the Essential difference and start optimizing your online presence today!

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*All stats are based off of the average of 5 Ford dealerships before and after starting Essential Auto Photography’s services*