“Videos that stand out in a crowded market place”

The Essential Difference: Videos to Optimize Your Online Presence

 As online inventories have continued to evolve over the past decade, the use of video has become one of the most popular new trends among dealership websites. Online car buyers have come to want more out of their online shopping experience. Inventory videos give them just that by offering a much more immersive and engaging experience than photos alone. But many dealerships settle for the bare minimum, ignoring their full potential, which begs the question, “if you aren’t going to do it right, why do it at all?”. Essential Auto Photography’s engaging inventory videos are designed from start to finish to make the most of each vehicle’s video to enhance your entire online presence.

In the age of the internet every second wasted is a potential sale lost, possibly worth thousands. How much are slow load times costing you?

In today’s digital age, consumers’ patience and attention spans are shorter than ever. If they can’t find what they want on your site, they will get it somewhere else. It is for that reason why we go the extra mile to ensure that your videos are loaded within 10-20 minutes. Compare that to most competitors who take hours or even days!

What good are inventory videos if they aren’t being seen?

Not only are our videos loaded almost instantly right on your VDP for convenient viewing, but they are also automatically distributed to YouTube and all 3rd parties for SEO. Once loaded, the videos will immediately boost your Google ranking making your VDP more visible across the web. They are also distributed to all major 3rd party sites (AutoTrader,cars.com), which are used by nearly 70% of car buyers. This is done to ensure that your vehicle videos are reaching car buyers across the entire web.

If your videos aren’t standing out, they’re blending in…

Going through inventory videos on 3rd party sites they all seem nearly identical, a shaky camera with bad music and a robotic voice. Once again, we go the extra mile to make sure yours are making the best impression to as many people as possible. Each voiceover is authentic and custom to the vehicle rather than just decoded from a VIN number and given a robotic description. Each video also includes a custom intro and outro specific to your dealership. Each intro/outro includes drone and stock footage of your dealership along with a custom voice over showcasing your dealerships accolades, accomplishments, and general information. This way when your videos are being watched all over the web you will be creating brand recognition in the process.

If your videos are not engaging car buyers, being loaded quickly and to the right locations, reaching an optimal audience, and promoting your dealership in the process you are not making the most of your online inventory.


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